Sisterhood Image    Welcome to Beth Or Sisterhood!  We are a vital and active group within the Congregation that enhances the lives of our members with programs and activities that provide meaning and enjoyment. Sisterhood provides an opportunity to meet other interesting women and make a difference in the synagogue.

We invite you to learn about our programs and activities, no matter what level of involvement you prefer. Our calendar meets a broad range of interests:


Some past programs have included the Paid Up Membership Dinner and the annual Women’s Seder.


Sisterhood decorates the bimah with flowers for the High Holidays and Sukkot soliciting donations from congregants.  The Sisterhood also sponsors a Honey fundraiser for the Jewish New Year.

Annual Gift Auction

Each year the Sisterhood organizes a gift auction.  Gifts are solicited from the community as well as congregants and are auctioned  to the attendees.  This event is one of the most important fundraisers for Temple Beth Or  and is possible due to the time and effort donated by Beth Or members to the effort.

The Gift Shop/Simcha Shop

The Sisterhood Gift Shop assists our congregants in purchases of Kippot and Talitot for their B’nai Mitzvah, gifts for family & friends, holiday necessities such as Chanukkah candles, Seder plates, etc. Many of our items are Israeli-made so your purchases help Israel as well as Sisterhood. The Gift Shop is open whenever the synagogue office is open or by appointment. Check out our showcases in the lobby and let us assist you with all your Jewish gift needs. Contact Sandi Silber at (732) 458-4700.


Sisterhood organizes and leads a Shabbat evening service once each year.  This year’s service was preceded by a Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner cooked in part by our own congregants!


New members are always welcome!
This past year, Sisterhood held their annual Paid Up Membership Event on September 8.

It’s never too late to join Sisterhood, support our programs and become involved with this wonderful group of women! For more information contact one of the Sisterhood officers by calling or e-mailing the Temple Office.

2018-2020 Sisterhood Officers

President Sandi Silber  
1st Vice President Marlene Vogel  
2nd Vice President Rory Bergman-Peters  
Corresponding Secretary Sue Bernstein  
Recording Secretary Peggy Ostrove  
Financial Secretary Rachel Zycband  
Treasurer Anne Katz