Lifecycle Events

From the joyful celebration of the birth of a new life to the sorrowful occasion of the passing of a loved one, Rabbi Rubin and Temple Beth Or can offer guidance, comfort and support to anyone experiencing life cycle events. The rites and ceremonies accompanying these life cycle events help to bind us to the past and to provide us with connections to the future of Judaism. For more information please contact Rabbi Rubin by email.

Baby Naming/Simchat Bat

The joyous occasion takes place during Shabbat services at which time special blessings are offered to the parents and the baby girl. She is formally welcomed into the convenant of the Jewish faith and receives her Hebrew name. Rabbi Rubin can guide the family through this ritual.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

To be called to the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah marks a significant milestone in each child’s life as they take on the religious responsibilities and privileges of the Jewish faith. Rabbi Rubin will work with your child preparing him or her to take their place among the Jewish community as the son or daughter of commandment.


A traditional Jewish wedding is a sacred ritual as well as a contractual bond between the Bride and Groom. From the Aufruf ceremony to the signing of the Ketubah, and to the marriage rite under the Chuppah, the ceremony culminates in the breaking of the glass. Rabbi Rubin can offer guidance in preparation for this most sacred ceremony.


Our tradition offers several powerful end of life rituals – Kriah, the tearing of a garment, the funeral and eulogy and Kevurah, the act of burial in which mourners and friends participate and pay their respects to the deceased. The observance of Shiva (seven days of mourning) allows others in the community to pay their respects and offer comfort to the mourners. Rabbi Rubin can guide you through these rituals and mourning practices as well.