We have an active Adult Jewish Learning Program featuring guest lecturers as well as our clergy.  A stimulating variety of subjects, from Jewish music to the origins of the Hebrew language as well as Bible study and Jewish history have been presented to promote a greater understanding of our heritage and faith.  Rabbi Rubin offers an ongoing series called “The Wisdom of the Ages…The Wisdom of the Sages” on Wednesday mornings and a course called “Learn Hebrew from the Beginning” on Monday mornings to expand one’s knowledge base.   Rabbi Emeritus Rabbi Dr. Fierstien seeks to broaden our understanding of religious study by offering special lectures on “The Book of Proverbs”.  Rabbi Fierstien’s recent program on “The Secrets of the Cairo Genizah” was an example of the stimulating subjects we enjoy through our program.



At Temple Beth Or we aspire for our students to become life-long learners of Torah and to be able to participate actively and meaningfully in the Jewish faith and community.  We offer a tuition-free religious school with small, intimate class sizes that allow for personalized instruction catered to the needs of the children in encouraging them to embrace their Jewish identity.